custom aircraft control stick grips
Custom Aircraft Grips
Many Configurations

Thank you for your interest in the worlds finest quality hand made custom aircraft control stick grips.  Our Grips are certified in several aircraft and are used in many configurations of nearly all types of Experimental Amature Aircraft worldwide.

We manufacture our aircraft control stick grips from solid Teak wood because of the beauty and physical properties it provides.  Wood has a more natural feel than plastic or metal and gives warmth and character to your Aircraft.  The more use they get the better they feel.

Our grips vary in their size and shape depending on the type and number of switches you require.  We have three basic styles,
The Standard, The Master and The Ultra.  They can be configured without any switches or a maximum of 4 switches.  We also manufacture them individually or as a matched left/right pair, contoured to fit your hand or as Ambidextrous.  All configurations come with all the necessary switches, pre-drilled for the switches and bored to fit your stick.  Standard bore sizes are 3/4", 7/8", 1" and 1-1/8".  We also do a few mm sizes.

All of our Switches are of the highest quality and we stock a complete line of replacements for the PTT, Cooley Hat, Trim control, Flaps, Speed Brakes, Auto Pilot. 

Pricing is based on your custom configuration. 

Contact us E-mail works best!!, fax or phone for a price quote.  Orders are generally shipped within five working days. Payment is made securley through PayPal on our other website: 

If you're not familiar with our company and your first contact with us is online our custom airplane grips are also available  through 

Aircraft Spruce. Vans AircraftChief Aircraft and ​Wick's Aircraft to name a few.

Contact us for your custom needs or with any questions and we will do our best to serve you!

We try to maintain a complete stock replacement inventory of our three switches for our custom grips  that can be shipped immediately.

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Custom Aircraft grips
custom aircraft control stick grips